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Impression 2CD


'Impression' 2CD - € 14,99 / $ 18,99  (exclusive p&p)
remastered & expanded
re-released October 26th 2012

The re-release of 'Impression' is finally available. Upgraded with a second disc containing over 50 minutes of bonus material from the 1999-2001 era. Rare cut-, remix-, live-, demo- and studioversions. Packed in a re-designed digipack to give it a final deluxe look!

Second studio album – recorded between January and March 2000, released October 24 th 2000.


"…Impression is a great album and one that will be adored by fans of instrumental prog music. Good music never dates or sounds old and Impression is an album that will easily survive the changing musical environment as years go by…"

"…This music has all the appropriate progressive elements: an epic concept, mythical instrumental lyrics, luscious arrangements and soaring guitars..."

" …Our flying Dutchmen have done themselves proud in releasing a superb symphonic album which contains loads of interesting melodies, twists and turns. What a great album it is!"
- John Bo Bollenberg,

disc one:
1. Scream
2. Loka Palas
3. Senkan
4. Children of the Cloud
5. Olympus
6. Impression
7. Crusader
8. Legend
9. Anuradhapura
Flower of Scotland
11. In Your Eyes
A Prophet's Dream

disc two:
1. Olympus (short version)
2. Eager Attempt (remix)
3. Jam #
4. Scream (live)
5. Senkan (live video version)
6. Why (studio demo)
7. Anuradhapura (studio run-through)
8. Genuine (live during soundcheck)

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